Otago vs Wellington – Four Hawks players to play opener

Four Hawks players have been selected in the 23 for Sunday afternoon’s clash with Wellington.

Chucky Koroi will start at 6 for Otago this week where he will most likely be coming up against All Black Vaea Fafita.

Both huge ball carriers it will be a very interesting battle thats for sure with the media around Fafita and supposedly getting snobbed by Steve Hansen, he will be out to prove a point. Chucky on the other hand has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is and could be a young All Black in the making himself.

Sio Tomkinson will start at 12 for Otago, Sio has been a stand out for Harbour this year when playing and will make his presence felt too. The hard hitter will most likely be marking Thomas Umanga-Jensen who is a familiar rival for Sio both in the highlanders and will be looking to make his mark.

Sekonia (Junior) Pole is reserving Hooker behind starting skipper Anderson-Heather. Junior had a great season for the hawks in 2018 and has a tonne of experience now with playing Super Rugby and in his third or forth season for Otago.

Lastly Sione Misilio probably the one all Hawks supporters are most keen on seeing. He is a Harbour boy through and through having seen as we know him (Bully) grow in the 5 or 6 seasons he has played for the Hawks he has made so many people proud that he has finally reached this stage.

Bully will be a massive help for Otago for when he comes on, he is in the best shape of his life and apparently was a stand out in the Otago vs All Blacks game last week.

We wish you boys luck and remember to throw the hawks sign up if you score!

The team is:
1. Aki Suili
2. Sam Anderson-Heather (C)
3. Hisa Sasangi
4. Tom Rowe
5. Josh Dickson
6. Joketani Koroi
7. Slade McDowell
8. Dylan Nell
9. Josh Renton
10. Finn Strawbridge
11. Jona Nareki
12. Sio Tomkinson
13. Matt Fades
14. Josh Timu
15. Vili Koroi

16. Junior Pole
17. Donald Brighouse
18. Tom Hill
19. Sione Misiloi
20. Sam Dickson
21. Kurt Hammer
22. Matt Whanga
23. Taylor Haugh

Otago kick off against Wellington at the cake tin at 4:30pm live on Sky Sports 1