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Rugby: Hawks still flying high

A 3-year-old Michael ‘‘Woody’’ Woodhouse playing in the back yard of his family home in Macandrew Rd, South Dunedin, in 1968, before he achieved fame as a rugby ref. Photo supplied.

A 3-year-old Michael ‘‘Woody’’ Woodhouse playing in the back yard of his family home in Macandrew Rd, South Dunedin, in 1968, before he achieved fame as a rugby ref. Photo supplied.

The Sharks got it done across the park against the Magpies to snatch back the “Ron Reggett”, much to the dismay of Mike Reggett.To be fair, Reggie’s after-match speech in the most part was magnanimous.

The Sharks have consolidated in the four while Southern is in danger of being passed by GI.

Taieri, as predicted, trounced Pirates to hold on to second over Varsity on aggregate.

Varsity was too good out wide against GI but the Spannerheads gave them a pasting up front to sit seventh.

Kaik got it done, just, over the AU boys to sit just outside the four.

Otago assistant coach Herring, who supervises at AU, has a “please explain” meeting with heavies this week to hold on to his job, as the side still sits last and winless.

The Hawks remain top with a crushing victory over Zingers for the Scoles and they are very confident they can go all the way – but I’ve heard that before!

They Are Eating Their Young

Is it true that the refs are turning feral?

The word is ref Rob Wells, when adjudicating the Eels v Pirates prem game out at the Eelpit, sent Craig Sneddon from the ground and he had to watch it from the tower at the Wingatui racecourse.

Harty from the refs collective may start getting a bill from them.

Now “Sneds” is a part-time ref these days, as well as a player for Pirates, so are the refs now turning on each other?

I understand Sneds was certainly giving ref Wells the benefit of his experience and Wells decided enough was enough, thus the long trek to Wingatui!

Sneds was not playing by the way (he’s also injured) and was just an over-zealous bystander!

Speaking of Refs

I spotted the portly figure of Minister of the Crown Mike Woodhouse patrolling the sideline as a TJ in the Varsity v Dog Sharks junior colts game at the weekend.

Everything was going well, even though Varsity was thrashing the Dogs.

It wasn’t a particularly onerous task for a ref of Woody’s experience; thus we had time for a quick chat.

But after I’d moved on, things turned.

The Dunedin “Dogs” have a rather vocal, well lubricated band of young supporters who started taking umbrage with some of linesman Woodhouse’s interpretations and started questioning his parentage.

I hear Woody and the ref severely reprimanded the offenders.

Coach Lee Piper (supervisor at best!) of the Dog Sharks is severely embarrassed over the incident and so he should be.

To add to the plot, Minister Woodhouse is down to ref the “Dogs” this weekend – the sinners may suffer his wrath!

I’ll make sure the Dunedin “heavies” are out in force to ensure plain sailing!!

That Can’t Be Right

I mentioned last week there could have been three defaults in Prem II rugby but thankfully that didn’t happen.

But I understand in the Harbour v Zingari game, Zingers was down 102-12 when the game was called off 10 minutes early.

Zingers apparently had a 53-year-old flanker playing (give me what he is on!!).

This grade is in a parlous state.

Speaking of parlous states, there are only five teams in the women’s grade and Pirates beat AU at the weekend 120 to zip.

Surely the “Metro Comm” needs to review this supposed competition!!

Comings and Goings

I reported last week Aleki Morris was off to Southland and theODT reported Josh Clark, the rock behind Pirates, has gone to Gore of all places, also to chase a Southland spot.

Lachie Moore, the midfielder from Zingari, is also off to chase a spot in their NPC side.

Are they not running a competition down there?

I hear Paul Grant is arriving back in town looking for a club. Kaik must have come into a lot of money as it is chasing his signature big time.

The word from the high veldt is that one of the main power-brokers up there, who shall remain nameless (longtime insurance man and played lock for 40 years for the club), has said it will win the Prem and Prem II comps this year so money is no obstacle.

The Form XV

Missed it last week through lack of space but here is the updated version after scrupulous examination of form.

15 Mitchell Scott (T), 14 Gavin Stark (V), 13 Aleki Morris (H), 12 Danny Van der Voort (K), 11 Sam McLachlan (V), 10 Sam Porter (H), 9 Kurt Hanmer (T), 8 Gareth Evans (D), 7 Adam Knight (S), 6 Hame Toma (D), 5 Chris Morrissey (P), 4 Josh Dickson (V), 3 Donald Brighouse (D), 2 Ricky Hollamby (GI), 1 Ross Geldenhuys (GI).

The Other Bits

The Hawks finally get the Lobster Pit in great shape with no expense spared and now they have been invaded by geese – I kid you not.

Their ground is turning into Nauru overnight!!

Stake Kenny Olsen to a pole in the middle of the ground – problem solved. Speaking of the Hawks, three of their boys are playing their 50th game against the Magpies this weekend, Aleki Morris, James Tomkinson and Sala Halaleva – good work!

The Maggots got thrashed by the Arrowtown Bulls at the weekend – what’s going on? Jimmy Hore has rightly pulled all sponsorship.

This Weekend

Destroyed Brent Rodger last weekend from Pirates so the unprecedented unbeaten season run lives on.

Up against Super Club Captain Tim Belcher (doesn’t the picture in the tipsters ad bear an uncanny resemblance?) from Southern so I just can’t lose.

The Sharks (13+) on the back of recent form will retain the Griffen and Murphy trophies over the Spannerheads out at the Toolbox and comfortably.

Varsity (13+) will wallop Zingers up at the cemetery – it could be big! Dare I say the Onion (13+) finally goes where it has never gone before and beats Pirates at the Yardarm.

The Eels (12-) slither up the hill to the Veldt and beat Kaik, just, but there is a massive aroma of upset in this one.

The Hawks (12-) will tip over the Magpies at Goose Dropping Arena to remain top.

The Late Mail

Coops (Greg) is the favourite in the Highlanders race but I’m hearing rumours of a failed English World Cup coach talking to the Highlanders players – what’s going on?!!

– Paul Dwyer