We couldn’t do it without them!

Without the support of our many sponsors we couldn’t run a successful sports club in todays economic environment. Now the club season has come to an end, it’s time to thank them and there are many to thank. We have updated our major sponsors signage on the Ravensbourne training facility for all to see, a special thank you to these wonderful supporters!

Wayne (Black Dog) Sefton – Mackies Hotel

Brett Johnson – Trident Homes

Andrew Berryman – Tall Poppy

Lance & Kerri Spence – Chipmunks

Brian & Nicky Greer – Loan Market

Aaron & Lisa Challis – Port Chalmers Four Square

John Fielding – Nyalic

Keith Campbell – Best Pipes Plumbing

Phil & Kelly Laing – Sawyers Bay Transport

Tim Giddens – Otago Vacuum Tank Services Ltd

A full list of our jersey sponsors can be found by clicking on the sponsors tab on the website. Please support the local businesses that support us!