What a Team effort – Thank you to all involved

Regular evening commuters along SH88 may notice Moller Park and its players looking better and brighter, as they whizzed past on Tuesday night.
Port Otago, the Dunedin City Council, Ravensdown, Radcliffe Electrical, Fulton Hogan, Southern Electrical, Evolve Lighting and Clearwater Civil have combined resources to help the Harbour Hawks replace their ancient floodlighting set up at Moller Park with two new poles and eight super new 480 Watt LEDs.
The old floodlights and poles have been a safety issue for many years. Club Captain Brian Greer says players are at higher risk of injury, practicing with limited visibility during the winter evenings. “We approached Port Otago to see if they could help us in any way. But what they’ve made happen is beyond our expectations. The team at Port have driven the project and brought in third parties, who have been really generous.”
At Port Otago, we’re 92% of the way through upgrading our own floodlighting to LED. This work is led by our Infrastructure Asset Engineer Jon Visser (pictured on the ground), so he was the logical person to lead the Moller Park lighting upgrade. “We are very fortunate to have a great team of partners that all support such local community initiatives.”
The upgrade in lighting is significant for another reason. The future of the Club on its leased grounds has been the subject of some uncertainty over recent years. However, the Club’s landlord, neighbouring Ravensdown Fertiliser, was fully supportive of the lighting upgrade.
Who’s done what?
– The DCC and Clearwater Civil put up two new poles on the road-side of the grounds.
– Port Otago purchased eight new LED floodlights, generously discounted by Evolve Lighting.
– Radcliff Electrical provided all the electrical cabling and components.
– Ravensdown supplied a cherry picker and the electricity connection.
– Fulton Hogan excavated the cable trench.
– Southern Electrical installed the new fittings.
– Port Otago’s electricians and crane are removing the old components.
What a fabulous community we live in. 💙 Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Amazing.
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